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Tera Melos / Press

“What makes this album stand out though is its intelligence. This is not complex for the sake of complexity, this is complexity with a mission. There is rhyme and reason for every key change, every borrowed note and every break in time. On top of that, there are chord progressions and vocal melodies that seem to have been lifted straight off of the wax of a Beach Boys album.”

“Sonically the tracks are very complex and the harmonizing is on point. "Manar The Magic" is featured both in its original form along with two remixes (one from Melt-Banana) and as a beautiful acapella version to close out the album. The song centers around a melodic build-up that leads to a refreshing cathartic climax akin to AnCo’s “In the Flowers” or Nilsson’s “Without You.””

“The "math rock" genre is evolving. Popular contemporary acts like Tera Melos, Marnie Stern and even Battles are finding more advanced algorithms and complex grand theories to make white people even more awkward dancers.”

“Tera Melos, whose tricked-out experimental rock takes the kind of zigs that snap ankles. But despite their scrambling, crammed style, the music bursts with triumphant melody and explosive release. These two acts absolutely represent the kind of tense, dense musical swarm that can suck oxygen from the lungs and frazzle the nerves. Still, it’s impressive to see it done this well. As music that prizes complexity and adventure over fluidity, it ain’t always pretty. But people bucking convention like this is how art advances.”

“Their sound was like experimental post-hardcore progressive rock, and was all over the place in a crazy, quickly changing rhythmic way. They could go from fun plucky guitar into dizzying distorted chaos in seconds. They also have a math rock element to them, speeding up and slowing down and cycloning all around. This 4 piece from Sacramento, CA was really fun to watch, and the crowd was loving it. They were more well-known than I thought, as at least half the crowd knew all the words to the songs, and moshed accordingly. The whole room was jumping, and the sweat was starting to fly.”

“Watching Tera Melos perform was akin to watching a group of friends play for fun in their garage -- except, of course, that Tera Melos is a band with serious skill to back up the fun factor. Frontman Nick Reinhart showcased a proficiency with his guitar that rivaled Stern's, managing to hammer out notes in fast succession while simultaneously dancing like a severely malfunctioning robot.”

“Dance moves aside, the band's energy was staggering; each member was completely engaged in songs, the experimentally digital noises and thumping bass and guitar reaching new levels of intensity as the set progressed. Both Stern and Tera Melos put on one heck of a show. And, as such, the crowd couldn't help but be severely disappointed when the night ended.”

“Akin to a million childhoods, reruns, and wierd moments, Tera Melos has no comparative equal.”

“Tera Melos is unlike anything I’ve previously heard. This band is a like a group of lost time travelers, far beyond the scope and worth of this age. Seriously its like listening to something so constantly ahead of the mental process it immerses and permeates the neuro kinetic barriers trying to sway the hypnotic delivery that surgically stalks the brainial hemispheres; striding towards the cortex. A virus. subliminally unstoppable. Only the clinically unresolved invalid capsule of humanity wonders “what?””

“The night ended with calls for "ONE MORE SONG!" by the audience. Reinhart hopped back onto the stage and explained that "we literally don't have one more," which is a shame as 40 minutes with Tera Melos simply wasn't enough.”

“The record has a definite pop sensibility while maintaining a technical and experimental feel. The textures and use of noise creates a cohesive album, without losing the musicality aspects that make this band so unique. Blending all of these intricacies is a challenge and they pull it off seamlessly.”

“Tera Melos is slippery and difficult to pin down. One second I'm jarred left of center and the next I'm completely shaking my ass. They blend electro pop with assaulting punk riffs and then back again with looping fragmentation.”

“Reinhart showed off his acrobatic skills as he sang, screamed and strummed his guitar while tap-dancing over two large boards that contained every guitar pedal known to man, without once missing a beat or note.”

“Only Tera Melos could reinvent themselves from a catchy but abstract math rock group to an even catchier surf-rock via pop punk band and have the result be stupidly perfect.”

“#1 Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats”

“Battles are musically the best point of reference I can provide but there are definite shades of The Mars Volta, Fang Island and Piglet, but make no mistake Tera Melos do carve out their own niche albeit one that is spattered with bits and pieces of almost every musical genre you can imagine, and even find time to throw in harmonies that recall Queen and Jellyfish into the mixing bowl”

“Arguably their most focused work to date. Tera Melos has added pop sensibilities and vocals without straying too far from their weird roots.”

“Their sounds remind me of some of my favourite bands like Faraquet, Polvo or The Mae Shi but they totally make it their own. Even the long crazy 7 minute tracks are just total pop songs at their core. So many memorable hooks on this album, and delivered with balls too.”

“'Kelly' which reminds me of vintage Weezer with added guitar tapping, so far, not what I was expecting, and dare I say it, better than Weezer have sounded in years and years”

“It's like Weezer went on an acid trip at the age of 17 under the influence of a shit-ton of Zappa albums. Insanely vibrant and an educated rhythmic progression that sounds more like a madman on a bender than a boring nerd crunching numbers. "Aped" shines as a mathematical gem amongst the rough this year, but it's the closing session of "Party With Gina" through "A New Uniform/Patagonia," that is the insanity (read: talent) of the band.”

“'The Skin Surf' recalls Battles at their most playful with a Dillinger Escape Plan-esque breakdown thrown in toward the end, yet the song remains an almost perfectly formed pop song, which is by no means a minor feat.”

“Patagonian Rats is one of the most interesting releases of this year and has pushed the musical envelope yet again.”

“Transitioning them from dissonant, under-produced math rock to cold-calculated, melodic mastery, Tera Melos' recent release "Patagonian Rats" marks a point of stylistic maturity for the trio.”

“Tera Melos bend the complexity and virtuosity of Hella and Battles to support the epic psychedelic pop energy of the Flaming Lips, fierce originality of Syd Barrett and dissonant grind of Polvo with a revolving mass of tastefully filtered influences from an astonishingly broad palate.”

“Tera Melos might be a bit difficult for us to describe, especially with the relentless bombardment of the technical fretboard maneuvers, erratic pummeling of drums, and absolutely break-neck start-and-stop tempo changes - mostly bordering on the delightfully chaotic, albeit momentarily confusing... So, to be fair, none of us are really sure how to approach putting together a write-up that might accurately envelop exactly what's happening throughout Patagonian Rats. All we know is that this one makes us sweat just by listening to it (in a good way, of course), so yeah - we like it a lot.”

“It’s all over the place, time-wise, changing speed as quickly in places as some songs change chords but it’s lovely, warm and engaging. You feel like you’re swinging around wildly on the back of this vehicle which is part surf board, part roaring motorbike; on a slightly hazy, totally out-of-control break-neck journey. Sometimes descending into total noise, the electric guitar drives this album to the brink of insanity and back again.”

“Combine technicality with acid-induced songwriting and add a flare for the dramatic and you might get Patagonian Rats, the latest LP by Sacramento trio Tera Melos. Distorted vocals and distorted guitars thrash and spiral over thunderous drum fills everywhere on this record. When I said technical, we’re talking about Deerhoof, Umphrey’s McGee, and Hot Club de Paris all rolled into one slinging spooky pop album with anthemic choruses à la freak pioneers the Flaming Lips.”

“Vocalist, guitarist and synth player Nick Reinhart's singing cements the sometimes wandering melodies and effectively accentuates the harmony in a way that is refreshing.”

“I highly recommend this disk for anybody looking for some surprises in their music—this stuff kicks ass”

“The energy of lead guitarist Nick Reinhart was absolutely astonishing. His guitar skill was later described in post-show conversation as unbelievable, absolutely inventive, and stunning. It may be safe to say that during their set, we truly fell off the map. The set list was wonderful, holding characteristics of any moral human that seemed, savage yet honest, instinctive yet traumatic, but above all hopeful.”

“Once in a rare while an album comes along that's so fresh and ingenious it redefines what's possible in a field of music. It's been some time since a trio armed with guitar, drums, bass and vocals have shattered the boundaries of convention and pushed the limits of their instruments and compositions like a graceful tsunami of invention.”

“From start to finish, Patagonian Rats is a wild and chaotic ride that ultimately is nothing short of a masterpiece. Between maintaining this site and actively searching for the best new music/bands, I listen to an enormous amount of albums, day after day. Before we go any further, it demands to be said… Tera Melos’ Patagonian Rats is one of the absolute best new releases I’ve heard in a very long time.”

“This is a very innovative album, a sort of noise meets pop at a jazz concert, constantly jumping back and forth in a pleasantly abrasive way. Even after 3 complete listens, every song got me surprised at some point.”

“It is often difficult for musicians to combine various genres and sounds to make good music, but Tera Melos has really pulled it off.”

“Ever since their formation in 2004, Tera Melos hasn’t followed the crowd, forging musical paths where most people haven’t even thought about going. This tradition continues with the newest album added to the Tera Melos discography, Patagonian Rats. It’s unique in every sense of the word and is a solid progression from the band’s previous releases”

“Fans of indie guitar music ought to check out Patagonian Rats, the brand spanking new record by Sacramento math rock band Tera Melos. It’s full of weird sounds and tricky time changes but still boasts cohesive songwriting. It’s progressive without being boring and anthemic without being dumb.”

“Their musicianship travels on another plane of existence from your average punk, post-rock, or even prog band, but there was always the lingering question whether the band could stay in one place long enough to write a succinct “song”. While the thought of trying to put vocals over their musical contortions seems daunting to say the least, Patagonian Rats proclaims not only are they capable of adding vocals to their music, they damn well excel at it. ”

“Tera Melos's music careens thrillingly, emitting flurries of rusty guitar chimes and mercurial, precision-slapped beats while toggling schizophrenically between no-wave-y abrasion and fruity melodic flourishes. With the covers EP Idioms Vol. 1 and their new album, Patagonian Rats, Tera Melos have swerved into a more tuneful demeanor. They're good at this new, more accessible approach, but Tera Melos are really special when letting their inner Captain Beefheart run riot.”

“Patagonian Rats marks the true arrival of Tera Melos. The album lands somewhere between the band's old schizophrenic yet directed mayhem and the mathy yet melodic accessibility of Bygones. The chaos is carefully controlled, erupting at opportune moments or manifesting itself in layers of outlandishness.”

“Tera Melos never sounds like something you've heard...besides Tera Melos, which is fascinatingly amazing. ”

“Not angry always, but ever aggressive. Furious Fugazi for those who eat lightning and shit cold fusion.”

Patagonian Rats Review - PInpoint Music

“The entire album is rooted in a punk energy, however, powered by spastic drums, guitar noodling, and driving bass distortions. With the addition of a touring fourth member, Tera Melos should be more accurately reenacting these songs on stage, which should be even more outstanding than listening to Patagonian Rats.”

“Melodic songs (something between brit-pop and The Beatles legacy) have strange structures, unusual rhythms and scratching guitars inclusions. By it's aesthetics and common atmosphere this album could not be classified as math rock at all. It's more radical avant wing of indie rock.”

Patagonian Rats Review - ProgArchives

“Tera Melos' new full length Patagonian Rats is a bit more accessible than previous releases and contains some brilliant choruses. Do any of their chops suffer because of a few catchy riffs and lyrical lines? The answer is an emphatic no.”

“Tera Melos has this ability to create music that changes each time you listen to it. Every listen to this album I find new things to keep me interested, which is something that is completely rare in today's musical scenes. Simply put, their music is intelligent, humble and worthy of your ears.”

“Tera Melos have aged from the instrumental / Cap n’ Jazz like band they were into a rock band with a brain. In accepting this shift they are breathing a refreshing gust into the lungs of indie rock.”

“It's hard to pin down the sound of Tera Melos' full-length debut Patagonian Rats. The songs,with titles like "The Skin Surf," "Aped," and "Trident Trail" include everything from crashing guitars drowned in distortion to eerie background vocals and a jazz combo. And perhaps that's the point. But what is clear is that Tera Melos know a good musical hook when they hear it, and Patagonian Rats is full of them.”

“This math-jazz punk assemblage has been on daily rotation upon receipt; especially the tracks “The Skin Surf” and “Frozen Zoo”. Initially, I listened to Patagonia Rats in its entirety to absorb what this Roseville, CA trio was trying to accomplish. Going through a myriad of lineup changes since their inception, did not deter Tera Melos from creating one of the most experimental, yet cohesive, math & jazz infusions this year. Should be appreciated by fans of Don Caballero, Fang Island, Hella, and Russian Circles.”

Patagonian Rats Review - Parade of Flesh

“Tera Melos has ferociously explored the outer limits of bizarre time signatures and unhinged thrash since its self-titled 2005 debut. But the band’s forthcoming full-length, Patagonian Rats, out in September, is more akin to the type of freak-pop perversion dished out by daring pioneers like Devo and The Flaming Lips.”

“I didn’t think that I could enjoy Tera Melos’ spastic, off-kilter, math and jazz-infused rock anymore than I already did. But then they started in with the hooks. Weaving all those resonating melodies in and out of their densely-layered, hyperactive amalgam of jazz, punk, rock and ambient electronic sealed it for me. I yield. Tera Melos rule. I bow before their glorious epicness.”

“The album’s first single “Frozen Zoo” is surprisingly poppy. The track reminds me of Pinback mixed with Fang Island. If that description doesn’t peak your interest, nothing will.”

“Something went off in Tera Melos’ brains and the punk-jazz band turned to a different type of music. Tera Melos went pop. But fret not - it’s good pop.”

“I dont know what else I can say besides, "LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!" Tera Melos is an absurd band. Their compositions are maddeningly precise yet also can feel very open and free. 40 Rods to the Hogs Head sprawls over 8 of the most mind blowing minutes in the history of music”

“There are few precedents for a band that works this hard, stays this independent, and makes music this crazy. In these ways Tera Melos are refreshing and comforting: a fearlessly adventurous band garnering attention from other artists, industry reformers, and music listeners across the world.”

“Drugs to the Dear Youth, announces a new sonic world where Hella’s mathematics meet Don Caballero’s intricate riff-looping, kept exciting by a strange combination of Squarepusher’s jazzy ambience and Mike Patton’s cartoon-ish attention span.”

“Paging the future: Meet the shape of math to come.”

“Great idea, perfect execution. Tera Melos is very smart.”

“Tera Melos is certainly the love child of Hella and Primus, and the godchild of Frank Zappa. And Billy Corgan’s nephew. And the Kinsella Brothers’ cousin. And Rob Crow’s long-lost high-school sweetheart.”

“These dudes aren’t only massively talented, not only do they have a killer live show but they were also one of the Associated Press (the only AP that matters) most overlooked bands of 2005. An honor they shared with Stryper…FUCKING STRYPER!”

“chock-full of beautiful noise, mind-boggling complexities, and some captivating melodies. Though certainly brutal, and at times schizophrenic, Drugs to the Dear Youth has been one of just a handful of albums released this year that have been especially difficult to set aside”

“If you're a fan of music, and Tera Melos happens to be stopping by your town, you owe it to yourself to run out and see them.”

“Tera Melos perpetuates beautiful musical abuse, like being run over by a herd of donkeys followed by a flock of ducks wearing silk slippers. The music is so much more than metal, It’s jazz, maniacal and methodical. Just brilliant.”

“these guys are seriously phenomenal and I highly suggest you see them live and buy their album. Otherwise you’re just a nerd.”

“Tera Melos aren't made up at all but that the trio does its best cover version of "Hey Sandy" and does so in tribute to the world of The Brothers Pete can't be ignored.”

“god, this band is awesome. this is one of the best things i’ve seen in weeks.”

“Tera Melos’ moments of effete post-rock and bubbly disco bob along in a sea of schizophrenic, jazzy, punk-fueled improvisation.”

“If anybody marches to the beat of their own drum, it's this band.”

“Tera Melos is a musical force to be reckoned with. Seamlessly interweaving elements of free-jazz, high-energy punk, and electronica, TM is a sonic assault ready to give the "prog-music" scene a much needed injection of energy and focus.”

“It's tough to recommend this record strongly enough -- you just need to check out Tera Melos for yourself.”

“Despite the hyper technicality of the music, it never comes across as tasteless, pretentious, or dull. The band has indulged in their catchier and more accessible tendencies moreso than ever before.”

“they more than overshadow many current punk bands in pure intensity. Tera Melos take this to a higher degree delivering over an hour of dynamic indie punk.”

“Melding the aggression of punk with the technical intricacies of prog rock, math rock trio Tera Melos use jerky shifts in time signatures and disjointed guitar noodling that bears a close resemblance to Don Caballero and Hella”

All Music Guide

“Tera Melos is so tight it's as if they're incapable of being any other way, and they're as capable of blowing minds as they are melting hearts with their passionate brand of instrumental rock."”

The Needle Drop

“Tera Melos have always been an absurdly technical act, however with the new split they truly take it to another level. It’s hard to keep up with the music as the instruments absolutely explode from the speakers. The new split is also the first time vocals have served as major part of the band.”

“Mutation is key. Tera Melos now is not Tera Melos four years ago. Or six months ago. A song isn't played in a dingy club the same way it was played in the recording studio. Nor is it played the same way it was the night before.”

“Tera Melos has genuinely crafted a meticulous abundance of hard-pressed experimental brandishings of lesser-known songs by bands we are all so familiar with.”

“I dearly suggest this band and album to anyone looking for something new from the music industry, from a group of guys who love making music for the sole purpose of recreating the way you think about it.”

"Tera Melos is a fucking musical hand grenade."

“All in all, this album will fuck your father in the shower and then have a snack. Original, ingenious, bombastic, rich, unyielding, indecipherable. That's Tera Melos for ya.”

“This band is pretty ferocious and blistering in studio, but live, they bring the rock and don't stop until every face has been melted. Not since Dillinger Escape Plan have I been so overwhelmed and impressed by a live performance.”

“It's hard to describe their music in few words, but basically if you like anything really technical, fun and slightly weird, chances are you'll enjoy Tera Melos.”

“Tera Melos are one of the more bizarre and 'out-there' math rock bands currently active. Simply calling them a math rock band doesn't really do them justice,their music has bits of jazz, noise rock, ambient music, post-hardcore, electronica and other stuff.”

“Tera Melos, hailing from Sacramento, Calif., was perhaps the best opening band I have ever seen at the 3B, delivering some of the most intricate and creative spastic math rock I have witnessed live, they were easily the best band of the night-probably even the month”

Seattle Stranger

“Sometimes beautiful, spacey and melodic, at others spastic and intricate, these guys flat out rock. With a description that reads “A fusion of jazz and ambient techno with hardcore punk, Tera Melos is a head on collision of Cap’N Jazz with the aggressiveness of Black Flag”

“I do know that after witnessing live the trio known as Tera Melos, I was left with an impression that is sure to stay with me for years to come.”

“technicality and creativity is what makes Tera Melos not just a curiosity but a genuinely great live act. Latona and Clardy's ability to play off each other and seemingly read Reinhardt's chaotic mind makes this group a must see for fans of everything from free form jazz to hardcore punk.”