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“Ranked number 299 on the Worldwide ReverbNation Jazz charts having shifted more than 201 Times.”

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“Where would I be if Not for Your Support? We are still clinging on to Number.1 on the Reverbnation Jazz Charts for Copenhagen. We have also Re-Claimed the National Rank's 1st Position in the same genre. After another recent Shift of more than 40 positions in our favor, We have claimed NO.457 Global Jazz Rank, & NO.31,225 All Genres having shifted more than 999 Times in a relatively Very Short Period. We are Proud of U & Thank U 4 your Support. http://www.reverbnation.com/terahkasozi”

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“Exclussive Interview with Terah Kasozi: - http://www.hipipo.com/music/news/1786/Face-Lifting-Uganda-Music-In-Denmark--Interview-With-Terah-Kasozi”

“On TOP of the Charts - Copenhagen & Denmark. Thanks for your Support.”

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“Terah Kasozi is Right behind Bobby Rickets in 1st Place - Copenhagen Jazz Charts. He is also in 2nd Place in Denmark.”

“''Terah Kasozi, still holding on to 2nd Place after Bobby Ricketts on Denmark's Jazz Charts!''”

“''Terah Kasozi, still holding on to 2nd Place after Bobby Ricketts on Denmark's Jazz Charts!''”

“Terah Kasozi, Performing at The Uganda Nordics VIP Convention 6th April to 8th April 2012 in Oslo Norway. (Pearl of Scandinavia cruise boat)”

“Terah Kasozi Hits 2nd Position in Copenhagen Jazz Charts; after Bobby Ricketts in 1st Position - Friday 6th April 2012...”

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