Tepetricy / Press

“As a whole, Intangibles of Tomorrow is definitely an arena album for the fans. Faster, louder songs can be heard throughout the album and seem to be directed for the crowd. Talented guitars, polished vocals and the harmonizing between instruments definitely put Tepetricy on the map among the Twin Cities great local acts.”

“(I) enjoyed mastering your album...it reminded me of Serj a bit in the grand/orchestral approach and was very impressed with everyone's musicianship.”

"...a promising band with a good start for their first (full length) release."

“...Tepetricy is one of those rare bands who are truly unique. They have a sound that is all of their own.”

“These guys are totally out of the box when it comes to sound.”

“When it comes to the natural progression of Talent, Heart, and Technique, Tepetricy is the one band that seems to have found the key.”

"Stop reading this and play Tepetricy!"

“The best EP I have heard in years. One of the best mixes of organic and synthetic music that I can remember.”

“You guys made our night! We listened to your CD the whole way back to Duluth! I can't wait for the new CD to come out, the new stuff sounds AMAZING!”

Justin Riggs - Fan - Duluth, MN