Ten Ton Mojo / Press

“Their first release, a self-titled album with the single “Pinball Girl” (featured in the movie Pinball Donut Girl) puts out the type of music most rockers will enjoy: high on energy with a slice of bluesy swagger. “Pinball Girl” is straight up Southern grit while the song “Got The Light On” sounds like revenge, rock and roll revenge. The kind of revenge Quentin Tarantino writes about. “Gotta Get That Love” is heavy. Heavy on guitars and heavy pulling on the deep blues heart strings. It’s hard to guess musical influences, especially after listening to “One and Only”, a tune that is fast and a little punk. Classic rock is really the only constant in the sound, which the band combines with blues, Southern and punk rock.”

“We had over 400 viewers from 20 countries and 37 states Paraguay, Pakistan, Indonesia, Finland, Israel, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Denmark,UAE, Macau,UK, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Iceland and Thailand. Don't ask me to list the states. Great show Saturday night. Thanks Everyone. Ten Ton Mojo does it again.”

Guy Ward - NYC Live Rock