Ten Miles of Bad Road / Press

“Full-on bar fights never quite explode in real life like they do in the movies. But if a punch were to be thrown at just the wrong time, and the bar were to erupt in smashed chairs and flying beer bottles, Ten Miles of Bad Road might just be the best band to be playing when the first man crashes through the plate glass window. Their music is a hybrid of punk and country - a ragged and hoarse monster. The band's shows call for copious amounts of whiskey and beer, and it's easy to get caught up in a fuck-you attitude when that harmonica kicks in.”

“While out trying to score something zippy Willy Nelson is car jacked by the remaining members of Social Distortion who have the Dead milkmen at gun point. After only nine miles of this nightmarish trip Willy decides it is in everyones best interest to drive them all off a cliff. The sound of that doom is not unlike listening to Ten miles of bad road live. Ten miles of bad road? I Say Ten miles of bad ass!"”

"...true to themselves and their name. Rocking, rolling, partying hard, and living to tell about it '

"a sound that isn’t country and isn’t rock and isn’t rockabilly. It’s something else. This is ass kicking music. These guys don’t show up to the party. They are the party."

"a marriage between Nick Cave, Social Distortion and some country fuckers that I don’t know. (Have your ears picture the smell of Johnny Cash with some dark lyrics and punk energy.) The coarse backing vocals of drummer Justin Hosea remind me of Mark Arm, and provide a nice counterpoint to the Rev. Nate Kirby’s smoother, more country sound."

“Ten Miles is a couple friends holed up in a leaky-roofed dive with two glasses and a bottle of bourbon. A cheap bottle of bourbon. The headache will be worse in the morning, and you might not be able to find your pants, but damn if it isn't fun while it lasts”