TEN/27 [Trevy Is Famous!] / Press

“Earlier this year, you released the Starvin Belly mixtape, hosted by AZ, where you worked with Shyheim and his artist Castro of Bottom Up Records -- the mixtape sold out within a matter of days.”

“You’ve performed at sold-out shows with artists like Wiz Khalifa, AZ, Cormega, Big Noyd and Havoc from Mobb Deep, just to name a few.”

“Trev uses his birthdate [TEN/27] as his stage name when he performs. He's been rapping and writing his own rhymes since he was 13 and cites Nas and AZ as musical influences.”

“Trev Mangum [TEN/27] is just as passionate for his craft as the day he first picked up a microphone.”

““My next step is to see my video everywhere,” Mangum [TEN/27] said. “Not just You Tube — on everybody’s tube.”

“Brother's like TEN make me want to support hip hop again. Peace & Hip Hop”

“Dope Ish! Marksmen DJs Approved”

“Dog Ya flow is str8 nasty ... keep puttin out dat hot shit”

“Dknow Dolo: "wus that about" be breathin brah”

“Dope shit homie!!! Guarantee that is hawt!!!”

R.A.H. - Reverb Nation

“I like ya style and music your rhymes are sick." N*ggas couldn't see me if they had an extra two eyes." That was a great line I like it”

“you spittin knowledge on that "Wus That About" goin in on that.... i got family in the 717Pa.... ill keep in touch Gz KEEP DAT SHIT UP FAMILY...AINT TO MANY REAL NIGGAZ IN THE BOOTH NO MORE! 757 LUV”