Tempist Fujit / Press

“This EP packs a punch. Usually when you listen to an album or EP by an artist you are subjected to a collection of similar sounding material which can all blend into a big sonic fuzz. This is not the case here as Tempist Fujit has thrown caution to the wind, presenting a very diverse and ranged effort that showcases their assorted influences. Lisa Walters' voice cuts though the mix with ease and she sounds like she would be at home singing in an arena. The varying change in dynamics breathes a serious amount of life into the song and guitarist Doug Gordon reputedly assures us that the mighty guitar riff is still alive and kicking.”

“Tempist Fujit's latest EP, 'No More Time' is a 4 song compilation of soulful rock songs that will get your toes tapping. Led by the strong female vocal of Lisa Walters, backed by Douglas Gordon's powerful rock guitar, this duo has the right combination of style and energy. Aside from the obvious talent these guys have, there's a nostalgic mid-90s sound to Tempist Fujit's music that will remind you of the days when rock and pop music were first being fused together to top the charts. ”