Tell River / Press

"Tell River is the musical and vocal brilliance that is Adam Diener from San Francisco California. You really don't come across all that many albums that you instantly take a liking to and want to pass them along to your friends but this is one of them." " It's slower structure style, along with hints of folk that is more modern, best describes what you are in store for. It's More Indie than folk that's flavored with a style of today. The album as a whole is a mostly a down tempo masterpiece chalked full of emotion and heart that the listener can only but familiarize with and embrace. The Lyrics are fresh, crisp and original." more of this review at http://bpfl0.tripod.com/indierevue/id7.htm Recommended if you like: Hayden, Geoff Farina, Joel Plaskett, Van Morrison, Elliott Smith.