Telling Stories / Press

"The first thing I noticed about Julie Nolen's music was that I'd lived it before. You can step inside a Telling Stories song and experience it. You don't just hear. You see, touch, feel… everything that suddenly surrounds you. And while you take it in, you're moved by it and you move TO it."

“Julie Nolen & Telling Stories: Sneaky pick to steal your hearts. Nolen finger-picks indie-folk that you can dance, cuddle, or mellow out to.”

"Julie Nolen and Telling Stories was a surprising find for me. The power of their music pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. What originally drew me to go see them was Julie's wonderful voice. She sings with a ton of heart and soul, which could win anybody over. She and her band cross genders and genres." - Mara Havis

"Telling Stories is a collaboration between songwriters Julie Nolen and Terry Dossey. If you haven't heard this great band yet, get out and give them a listen. They are worth the effort. Leave them big tips when you go, so they can produce a second album. Nolen rode into Austin on a Greyhound bus from Abilene, which may account for the title of the 2002 album Grayhound. Meanwhile Dossey, a local producer and veteran of many female-fronted bands (Shelley King, Joanna DeJarnett, Natalie Zoe, Susan Colton) was looking for a singer to front his new project. Nolen and Dossey clicked and Telling Stories had a vocalist and a songwriting duo. Nolen has a great voice and she writes a good song. She sometimes sounds a bit like Natalie Merchant?I don't know if that just happens naturally or if she cultivates it, but it works well when it happens."

“A driving, danceable beat on the bottom, combined with catchy melodies and great songwriting on the top is what has made TELLING STORIES one of Austins most promising up and coming bands in years. Being able to relate to an audience in the most intimate ways both by groove and words is why many fans have already added Telling Stories into their hearts. "Austin, Texas must be a frustrating place for a start-up band to play on one regard—there's so much talent oozing about in that locale that it's difficult to get noticed, even if you're a great band. But no doubt Telling Stories hasn't had to face that issue as they arm themselves with downright funky pop “Greyhound” not only features the talent of this stand-up funk six-piece band but also has contributions by the Grooveline Horns (aka The Scabs) and the Tosca String Quartet. Truly funky and great to pop in to groove to."”

"Telling Stories serves up a unique style combining a funk foundation with accessible pop stylings, melodies and lyrics delivered with conviction by Julie Nolen, a soulful vocal powerhouse from Abilene TX. She and guitarist Terry Dossey wrote all the songs on Greyhound."