TELIC / Press

“Best unsigned band we've ever shared the stage with!”

Ed Harris - Surrender the Fall

“With enough talent for a world-renowned group and enough humility for an entire monastery, these guys may just have stumbled onto the ultimate recipe for true success. They do their own thing, on their own terms, making music for themselves and their fans without conceit or pretension.”

“Textured and Layered sounds and all the energy and drive of serious hardcore”

Smart Bets - Mountain Express

“A technical metal that often gets compared to Unearth”

“Insanely energetic stage show. It’s bands like Telic that make me absolutely love doing what I do, and I can’t wait to go see them again”

“You guys did a kick ass job. Well done! I'll certainly keep you guys in mind for future stuff. Keep up the good work. ”

Jeff Santiago - The Orange Peel