Televators / Press

“Vevo Metal Monday playlist features Televators - Einstein's Dreaming Again video! 2/24 and 3/3”

“Televators - The Red Universe - is now on Pandora!”

“TELEVATORS in JAPAN! Televators will be in Japan in the fall of 2013 to promote their EP 'The Red Universe'. For inquiries, interviews with the band or to review the show, please send your request to televators.music@gmail.com”

“Love "Milk Run"...it has a Silversun Pickups/Deftones feel! Very smooth and full of emotion. ...Your music would be a nice addition to the score for the Chet Zar Documentary! Let's stay in touch...M (Chet Zar, painter of the dark, most noteably known for his video work on Tool's Vicarious DVD)”

“Televators is featured in ProgSphere 12th edition of our Progstravaganza series of compilations. This compilation features new progressive rock from around the world. ”

“We are proud to announce Televators has been invited by Exposed Music Festival to join WinTour 2013, Ionia and Saint Diablo, headlining”

“We are estatic to share with you some awesome news! One month ago we were contacted by legendary Lee Popa who has worked with TOOL, LIVING COLOUR, KORN, PRONG, WHITE ZOMBIE, DANZIG, QUEEN, BUSH and many more. He said 'Hey, I dig you guys and I want to make a record with you!' We are headed to WireRecording in Austin on April 11th!”

“The Televators have everything you could possibly like about rock. If you want hard rock, a fast paced atmospheric soundscape, a powerful female vocalist, and in general, music that will get your blood pumping or set your soul on fire...well this band can write the prescription you need to get you there. Let the Televators be your personal rock 'n' roll doctor, take the cure and give them a listen!”

“Check out the Mobile App by Televators. This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device.”