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““Such a great variety of color and sound patterns in this film!...masterful editing on this (far from ordinary) concert film! It is kaleidoscopic and a work of art in itself! But the best part is, it was not overdone! I was infused with hometown pride as I watched the combined creativity of Telesma’s music and performance artists alongside the genius of Alex and Allyson Grey, It’s an experience that elevates awareness, going beyond the personal self and toward the building of One People, One Planet. It is sound, plus color, feeding the soul and the body in the rhythmic balance of life.” — Dr. Bob Hieronimus - 21st Century Radio”

Dr. Bob Hieronimus - 21st Century Radio Online

“...Once the music starts, though, the names and faces disappear. They are a collective force enveloping you from the speakers, and the only way to describe Telesma is as completely breathtaking. From the first faint rumblings deep within the didgeridoo, you are captivated. From the moment that the bass lines fill your body, you are no more than a prisoner to the music. A hauntingly beautiful voice reaches out to you, enticing you to come closer, and you are on the floor, on your knees, shackled and unable to move. Fingers laced, begging for more, one might think: “If this is slavery then I am your captive; just don’t stop that guitar.” This is psychedelic rock like it hasn’t been seen in ages. Combining traditional tribal instruments with new-age electronic sounds, this music is an unstoppable force. Listening to the high-pitched screaming of the guitar is like the longest orgasm you’ve ever had, and it comes in a thousand different melodies....”

“Telesma is one of the most unusual and eclectic -- yet musically knowledgable -- bands that I have ever heard. A band with a sense of humor, yet serious in its approach -- a truly ancient modern theatrical sound, while being very interesting visually ”

George Figg - Orpheum Film Series

“...what sets Telesma apart is that the dialogue between its members disparate influences doesnt feel forced. Their approach is based on a feeling, an optimistic hunch, that everyone in the world is somehow connected, and that we can all benefit from that connection ”

Robbie Whelan - Baltimore City Paper

"To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, it's a swirling, whirling, twirling event...it's extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage.”

Michael Macey - Chesapeake Music Guide