The Telephones / Press

“In this edition of the Playlist we’re catching up with our friends The Telephones! What have they been up to? Tune in and find out!”

“Recently got a chance to do a shoot with one of my favorite groups in New York The Telephones....They put on an incredible show at Chelsea piers in Manhattan.”

"Recently, a friend put me on to “The Telephones”. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed a rock band since Genesis, (I’m a R&B kinda gal) but this band in particular brought me back to 1986. Their sound is reminiscent of classic rock bands from the 80′s, timeless. Two of my fave tracks are “Libertine” on “Volume 1″ and “California” on the new album “Volume 2″. I found myself nodding with the beat, feeling good about music again. Ladies, if you’re expecting to see rock gods, shirtless in tight pants with tattoos and lipstick, think again. Nobody will be throwing panties on stage, but we’ll all be bopping heads and rocking out on our air guitars to The Telephones."

"They’re baaaack, and they’re treating us to yet another free show. The local band brings to the table a brand of “much more than decent” original music a la Elliot Smith on a good day, and a sound that could kick Maroon 5 out of the spotlight on any other."

"...a band that are infinitely more eloquent than most"

"The Black Crowes + The Alternate Routes = The Telephones." "One of their tunes, “Libertine” screams Chris Robinson…a real gem of an ode to southern rock. The second track “Sitcom Writer” floods me with memories of an EP The Alternate Routes put out 5 years ago.

"Local indie-rockers the Telephones toggle between a revved-up new-wavey style and mellow folk-pop. The foursome’s poignant lyrics and oddball sense of humor show some nice potential."

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