Teja Gerken / Press

"Best New CD's of 2005 List" August 2005 (Acoustic Sunrise show)

“Gerken is one of a rare breed - a guitarist's guitarist with equal appeal for the non-musicians out there.”

“Postcards is a travelogue of textures, a satisfying mix of style and substance played on six and twelve-string steel string, and nylon string guitars.”

"a superb guitarist who knows to absorb a listener."

"Postcards is definitely a fun ride for fingerstyle fans. Highly recommended."

CD Baby Customer

“Teja Gerken has all the potential to become a guitar hero. His playing has a modern approach, and it's defined by the freedom of execution, the use of open tunings, and rhythmic techniques.”

Blues Time (Italy)

"This sounds as if Michael Hedges, Paco De Lucia, and Bill Monroe are all fighting over a guitar. This exceptional musician combines elements of folk, jazz, bluegrass and just about any style you can think of, into his seamless, lightning speed guitar workouts


"Bay Area guitarist Teja Gerken's first solo recording shows him to be a fine technical player."

Dirty Linen

“His musical vocabulary stretches around the world, embracing jazz, classical, and flamenco elements."”

Taylor Guitars "Discover the Indies"

"Very impressive technique and tuneful"

Folk Roots (UK)

"His engaging playing is full of form and moves through moods and emotions."

Mannheimer Morgen (Germany)

"Gerken's compositions seemlessly connect different styles, and result in pearls of dexterity and expression."

Mannheimer Morgen (Germany)

"Gerken's original compositions are complex, personal instrumentals ornately convoluted with uncharted passages intended for on-the-spot improvisations, reflecting the guitarist's manifold tastes and influences."

Daedalus Howell - Petaluma Argus Courier