Ted Z and The Wranglers / Press

“...the Wayfarer was just waiting for a band like Ted Z and the Wranglers to offer up some more legitimacy to the bar's name....The band's mustachioed frontman Ted Zakka wasn't shy about getting the audience nice and loose as they commenced some tightly spun rock-tinged country tunes.... With the right balance between rowdy party songs and slow balladry, Ted Z and the Wranglers created a barn burner inside the Wayfarer that seemed well worth the trip.”

“[I]t’s their brand of grassroots, southwestern country-folk that sets them apart... there’s an introspective feel to their music, a manner in which inspires thought and reflection. Not content to remain sonically low key, however, their music also spans grittier rock ‘n’ roll, making them a well-rounded group of musicians and artists.”

“If there's such a thing as a high-functioning rock band, Ted Z and the Wranglers are it. Since getting serious as a band a couple of years ago, they've been on a creative tear...”

“And though protest with a capital “P” was front and center during the seven-hour event... [for] protest rockers Ted Z and the Wranglers...it was [a] protest burning with love, and [they] demonstrated once and for all that we are all the same and different, and that is cause for celebration, not conflict.”

“Ted Z & The Wranglers got up and performed an amazing live set!”