Ted Lukas & the Misled / Press

“There's more to “Learn How to Fall” than guitars, but it might take a few listens to move past the glorious sound of overdriven six-strings played by Ted Lukas and Sunny John Sundstrom. Lukas' slightly worn tenor suits his seen-it-all-but-still-looking lyrics, while the Misled play rock rooted in tube amps and smoky barrooms.”

“No pretence just a straight up offering of power pop rock n roll from Tampa based singer songwriter Ted Lukas, aided and abetted by The Misled - Mark Tinker (bass), Finn Walling (guitar/vocals) and Sean Doyle (drums/vocals) the ten track album was mixed by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (always a signal for quality), jam packed with catchy hooks and overflowing with guitar riffs, break out the BBQ, crack open the beer, one for enjoying with late summers waning melodic sunshine.”

“Lukas and his band have crafted a solid disc composed of ten rootsy tracks filled with melodic hooks and rock and roll swagger. Lukas also displays some pop sensibilities on songs like the title track with its chiming opening riff and well placed harmonies (provided by Lukas himself). When it's all mixed together, this is an album that can grab you by the throat and keep tightening its grip.”