Ted J. Reed / Press

“The cover of this eponymous collection by Ted J. Reed & The Serious Moonlight featuring a kitschy/creepy photo of a smiling Marilyn Monroe mannequin that's been severed at the waist, the CD cover conveys the kind of irreverent glamor that Reed and his bandmates bring to these proceedings. From the somnambulant swagger of "Dreamland" to a pop crooner like "Calling on the Moon" this ensemble covers a lot of territory while delivering a handful of recordings that seem of a piece. "Paradise" is a bluesy noir that features a moaning sax while the insistent swing of "Starlight, Starbright" is punctuated by splashes of the edgy jazz guitar that is a highlight throughout this five-song set. Ironically, the album's most original stroke is the cover song that closes the CD - "Make Our Dreams Come True," the theme song from the LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY television show. In Reed's hands the up-and-at-'em anthem is transformed into an aching ballad full of hopeful yearning.”

“Ted J. Reed & the Serious Moonlight, a local postpunk acoustic pop band led by guitarist Reed, a singer-songwriter whose music blends lounge, swing, rockabilly, jazz, and blues.”

“Ted J. Reed is an omnivorous romantic searching for that one perfect, mysterious moment he had once in a smoky piano bar in Twin Peaks…”