Teddy Richards / Press

"Teddy is a big talent, very passionate about his songwriting and continually working at it. He's a great performer, a great songwriter and he has great business sense. It's rare to find all three qualities in this business."

Kim Franciewicz,VP International Universal Music Publishing

““It's been great working with Teddy...he's talented, passionate and dedicated to the music. And I get the sense he's just getting started, just beginning to hit his stride.” ”

Rob Fraboni, Producer/Engineer

“Teddy Richards returned home after shows at Switzerland's Montreux Jazz Festival, with Seal at Stravinski Auditorium Jazz Club. He also joined George Clinton onstage, and returned later for an encore with Kyle Eastwood, drummer Omar Hakim, Chic's background singer Silver & Festival creator Claude Nobs on harmonica. Percussionist, Gerardo Velez, who also performed with Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Festival in 1970, also made a guest appearance with Richards. "Performing at Montreux Jazz Festival is the highlight of my professional career. I'm honored to have been included in this festival with Alicia Keys, B.B. King, Seal, and Carlos Santana, and so many other artists of that stature,' remarked Richards. Teddy also conducted a songwriting workshops & music business seminar at Le Petit Palais and has been invited to return next year. 'I work very hard at my craft; this festival is the fruit of my labor.' For tour information and more, visit reverberation.com/teddyrichards.”

"I am very impressed by the music that Teddy is writing and would like to see him given a fair shot at being a superstar on the new day's horizon. He has an uncanny sweetness with a funk-rock edge that I find to be inspiring and uplifting."

Narada Michael Walden, Grammy Award winning producer/drummer