Technikult of Flesh / Press

“Technikult of Flesh is for those who like the riskiest sounds in dark music.”

Canal Tea Radio

“A Ultima Fronteira Radio have voted Dark And Faithful the most interesting CD of the month of July 2007”

Ultima Fronteira Radio

“Check out their 'Pandemic bMix'. Close the blinds first 'cuz it WILL make you dance!”


“TechniKult of Flesh sound is exciting with the Debut album “Dark and Faithful” release!! Combine Collide and Android Lust, and at the same time add a sharp edge; effective and packed!”


“The sound is rockin, the chanting is awesome, and this is something that can't miss out on.”


“TOP 10 CD Sales report at Good Times Mag for JULY 2007!”

Good Times Mag

“TOP 20 INDUSTRIAL ROCK MYSPACE ARTIST 2006-2007 and #1 ON MYSPACE in NYC 2006-2007”


“They're not nice, posh, sweet, over produced or pretending to be scary like most goth acts, they are what most goth bands strive to be... Marylin Manson though would be proud.”

Dukester PR (UK)

“Technikult of Flesh lands song "Maggots of the Form" on LIP Service's national Website.”

LIP Service.com

“A solid fusion of Metal, Goth, Punk and Electronica make up this very impressive album consisting of extremely schizophrenic vocals and equally schizophrenic music. It's hard to believe that there are only two people behind Technikult of Flesh with the level and quality this album reaches”

Insomnia Magazine/Insomnia-Media

“NYC's prestigious MMSLAM.com selects TKF song "Wicked Charade" as their banner song for all their MMSLAM show videos.”


“Voted numerous times as the best female vocalist and most original industrial artist.”