Henry D. Wheeler IV / Press

“Great vocals,and great song selections,i believe Hank Shines on the John Denver Covers though! And it appears his fan's think so also,keep them coming!”

J.C.Andrews - J,C. LA reviewer Indie Artists

“I Have Listened to Hank's music since he started almost 2 years ago,i Really believe he just gets better and better,appears to be drifting away from the country genre just a bit but i like it,i think he does all these songs justice and yet brings his own style to them. Keep up the great work!”

B.Rondeau - NWO

“In these times of negativity over politics,and downright hatred. I Was pleased to come across hank's music here. There is something very "Peaceful" about hanks voice and what appears to be a move away from the "just country" genre. i really enjoyed "What one man can do" we need more positive messages in music today! Keep up the great work Hank. i look forward to you're next effort! Artist-Review,nashville.”

J.C. Artist Reviewer - Artist Review

“Hanks Latest Efforts seem to be moving away from country,although his voice is still powerful and is great in any type of song,it leaves you to wonder if he is country,pop,gospel,humanitarian. the hat is gone on many recent photo's,I believe he may have had voice training at some point,he knows how to carry the highs for long periods. i will love his music no matter what,but its getting harder to pin him to a particular Genre. All the best hank with what ever you decide!”

Star Review - Star Review

“I`m a Heavy Metal freak especially for the power love ballads. This country singer is just as powerful & brings tears to my eyes. Hank is an amazing emotional provoking artist! The true spirit of country music.!!”


“Hank... I love your voice I think you have one of the best country voices of all time...I'm proud to call you friend... and I am one of your # 1 fans...Say hello to Yvette from Andy and me”

Bonnie McGill

": Chiseled in stone.....lyrics are bitter sweet with an elegant, flowing touch.....this song seeking to touch the listener in a profound way.... the music is deeply emotional and powerful...with respect and good vibes


“Hi Hank Just dropping by to say hi to you and Yvette and to listen to your great voice...Love the song choices you have made here... You are a true country gentleman... Aug 28”

Bonnie McGill

"HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY" One of my all time favorites. I'm pretty sure I hear George singing this here... Wonderful voice! ~KCD Aug 30


“Hello Hank, i loved listening to you're music!! very moving and heartfelt. you sing great country and yet can also sing other styles with ease. loved the video's also. will check back often. all the best to you in 2011. Feb 24”

Unknown - Star Review