TBC Brass Band / Press

“ The TBC Brass Band continued that tradition on Sunday afternoon. Best known as the band that plays nightly at the corner of Canal and Bourbon streets, TBC played a swinging, freewheeling set that intermingled originals and brass band standards with pop songs (The Beatles' "Come Together") and other crowd pleasers (was that the James Bond theme?). Tattooed hipsters, balding old men, a hula hooper in a corduroy hat - nearly everybody in the audience was gyrating. Friends of the band hung out in the back of the stage, until the dancing spirit moved them out front. TBC, led by trombonist Edward Jackson, packed the stage with 14 musicians, including three trumpets, trombones, and drummers (one of whom couldn't have been more than 10 years old), a tuba, a tenor sax, a singer, and a couple of cowbells. Sporting matching red TBC shirts and white linen pants, they kept the energy high during their hour-long set and never flagged. ”

“TBC Brass Band Protests City's Sudden Enforcement of Controversial Street Musicians Ordinance”