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“12 New songs release 2017”

Tracy Barber - Tracy Barber

“T. Barber Band UNDER COVER Released”

Tracy Barber / Robin Barber / J. Roger Johnson - UNDER COVER

“Starting a new album T. Barber Band "Undercover"”

Tracy Barber / Robin Barber / J. Roger Johnson - T. Barber Band "Undercover"

“T. Barber Band has released our "Saturday Night In Baghdad" we hope you enjoy the album.”

“We have released our new album "Here It Is" on Reverbnation and T. Barber Band Store. Soon to be release at Wal-Mart, iTunes, Amazon and 36 other outlets. Here It Is. Tracy Barber, Robin Barber, J. Roger Johnson T. Barber Band”

“Joker's Fool bringing southern music back home. We think some of these songs will become industry standards”

“We think "Joker's Fool" album will bring home grown southern music back to life.”

“T. Barber Band new album "Joker's Fool" released on T. Barber Band Store. itunes , Amazon to follow. Southern Music. We are excited to bring this new album and fresh style of music to our fans around the world.”

“T. Barber Band has been playing in the Huntsville, Alabama area for twenty-five years and was an Icon at the "Chicken Shack" for twenty years. T. Barber Band is now sharing their long rich history of original music with the world. Come and help us pass the word and music around. Tracy Barber”

“T. Barber Band "Rough Cut Album" Released on Reverbnation. Title cut "Time For Justice”