Taylorman / Press

“Toledo Native Taylorman turns the fire all the way up and relocates from small city to big city to reconstruct, attack new markets and brings all his Gigantic Goals on all levels of Music & Film to New York City.”

“Taylorman sets his release this week for The Glasscity Power House DVD Documentary!!!!”

“And the winner is .......Taylorman!!!! Taylorman takes over his hometown with his debute single "Applebottoms"”

“Taylorman ......Toledo's Idol # 1 Hip Hop Recording Artist on Fox 36”

“Taylorman & Hutch Daddy Dolla Discuss about The BAsh @ The Bay 09 and Taylorman's Debute Single Applebottoms Live on the Top 4 at 4 Countdown.........”

“Taylorman & J Rock Goes Into Discussion about Taylorman's Debute Single Applebottoms and Up Coming Projects ........”

“Taylorman's Glasscity Powerhouse Release Day: Interview @ The Juice 107.3 & Fox 36_Nov 2009”

“Taylorman's Summer Blast 2k10 Concert in Toledo City Paper”

“Taylorman's Glasscity Powerhouse DVD Documentary is set for Release.”

“Taylorman: One of Northwest Ohio's Biggest Hip Hop Standouts”

“Taylorman's Summer Blast 2k10 Concert in Toledo Free Press”

“Taylorman's Summer Blast 2k10 Concert on NBC 24 2010”

“Taylorman's Interview on NBC 24 : Taylorman's New Film is a Documentary: The Glassity Powerhouse DVD”

“Taylorman: Northwest Ohio First Hip Hop Artist to make Fox 36 Toledo Idol 2008”

“Taylorman: Northwest Ohio Two-Time Fox 36 Toledo Idol 2010”