Taylor Fredricks / Press

“I really dig what these guys are doing. I asked the band how they would describe their music to other people and they came up with probably one of the coolest but most nerdy genre names ever. ACOUSTICORE� Yeah� wtf is Acousticore right?� I was thinking the same thing. They admitted that it sounded like a mythical beast and their music sounded like the act of slaying it. Best. Analogy. Ever. These guys are cool and they put on a good show. Their energy is through the roof during the last half of their set. If they had it going from beginning to end they'd have a potential to be one of the better bands around. The Battle of the Bands is crucial guys so if you haven't signed up, hurry up and do it. So if you guys the readers want to know what slaying a mythical beast sounds like� do me a favor and check out my guys in The Taylor Fredricks band. And don't forget to vote for them to play the Van's Warped Tour! Thanks again for the great show guys!”