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“For aspiring country artists, CMA Fest is an all-you-can-eat buffet of sights and sounds of some of the greatest performers in the industry. Many of the stars on the festival's stages started off as fans in the audience, like country music star Miranda Lambert. In a video interview with The Tennessean, Lambert talked about her experience starting off as a fan "I went to CMA Fest as a fan a couple years in a row, and then I got to be on the other side of it, which is crazy to go from sitting on the twelfth row as fan and then being on that stage, you know?" For some country hopefuls, there is a step between festival-going and getting up on stage: CMA's emerging artist booths. The up-and-coming artists selected by the Country Music Association, must meet certain criteria, and slots are competitive. For second time emerging artist Tayler Lynch, from Louisville,Ky having an emerging artist booth has helped grow his fan base. Lynch hopes that he can one day also make it to the main stage!”

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“The Louisville teen enjoyed a bit of local admiration recently when friends, fans and family gathered at Kathy and Joe’s Restaurant in Valley Station for the release party of Lynch’s new CD, “It Takes a Tailgate."Recorded in Nashville at 11:11 Productions studio, it’s a mix of country styles, with some rock edges, and includes five songs that Lynch co-wrote. “I was a child actor but I wasn’t immersed in L.A., wasn’t from that world,” he recalled. “Coming from a family background, I knew from an early age what I was doing was special.”After months-long trips to L.A. for work, an educator in school pulled him aside and told him that acting is an unforgiving and unpredictable business, and said "your strong stage voice was his ticket, so go chase your dream."Until then, Lynch had strictly been a singer,but wanted to learn guitar.He began lessons and quickly progressed.His teacher said“He’s got a rare,natural quality for performing,He listens, pays attention,I’d”

“Tayler Lynch is an exciting and talented young singer/songwriter.With his unique style and powerful voice he has developed quite a following from Kentucky to Nashville. He entertainins people with a unique country style that is hot. Tayler, 19, started performing locally in Kentucky then branched out into Indiana and finally Nashville Tennessee. You can hear his music on K-Country 105.7 WGRK radio and Froggy Radio 104.9 & 101.7. He began singing in elementary school talent shows.He later sang in high school musicals. In 2009 he released his first CD, "Country Ain't Just From The Farm" He is currently working on his second CD,"It Takes A Tailgate" having written 8 of the songs.His warm smooth vocals will surely melt ladies hearts,and have the guys singing along. Tayler is very focused. When asked about his goals he replied without hesitation, to have longevity in this business.If I’m packing arena's and making music that touches people in some way then I'm doing something right”

“Tayler Lynch performing on WHAS 11 Great Day Live.”

“Tayler Lynch Debuts at Old Louisville Coffeehouse 2/10/2012 Tayler Lynch is a country music talent of considerable verve, creative power, intensity & budding stardom. Tayler's style reflects the work of country giants like,Garth Brooks,Brad Paisley,George Strait,Tim McGraw. Tayler really connects with his audience, his body-language reaches out and grabs, the listener. Obviously in love with life and his music, all of Tayler's songs uplift the happiness associated with country boy jubilance. This is prominent in Tayler's "Country Ain't Just from the Farm," in which he proves that one doesn't have to be a farm-boy to enjoy country culture.The inspiration for this song came from his brother, who said, I will give you a song title, see what you can do with it. Obviously a great talent, his music needs to be discovered. We shall do our part toward encouraging the mega-stardom of this dashing figure on the Louisville country-music scene. --Vernon Lynn Stephens”

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“After performing and hosting for three days at The 9th Annual Nashville Songwriters Festival, Tayler Lynch got a taste of what it is like to be in the middle of a paparazzi frenzy.This 17 year old has a way about him that is definately camera friendly and is like glue with the media.Tayler and new member of Redstarr Entertainment, Paige Brown, also 17 years old,make a great team on the stage.They are funny and fresh with talent and don't need a script to keep the audience happy.That is a talent in itself. Tayler Lynch is on his way back to Nashville once again. He just can't stand to be away from Music City too long. He will be singing at Legends on Broadway Friday, June 10th between 3:30 and 6:00 pm,The Stage on Broadway on Saturday, June 11th around 7pm.Stop in and say hi! He will also have CD's for sale in case you'd like to pick one up.Tayler hopes to catch some of the incredible talent in town this weekend too at the CMA Fest 2011. ”

“Tayler Lynch will definately be blazing a trail for the next few months, mark your calendar to come out and meet Tayler before you have to get in line. Saturday, May 28th, 4:00- 5:30 @ Mike Linnings Music Fest to benefit Crusade for Children. Next stop The Shepherdsville Country Music Show at 7:30 that night. Mickey Roo's in Franklin,Tn. for a Thursday Night Show. 6/3-6/5 The 9th Annual Nashville Songwriters Festival Tayler Lynch will become a name in the industry quickly as he is hosting, performing, showcasing his talent as a singer/ songwriter . He will be on the main stages as well as the Best Western on The Redstarr Entertainment Stage, which will be webcast all over the world. Strum Magazine will be on hand for any juicy details. It takes a great support team to find success in this industry and Tayler's is growing leaps and bounds. He is a great person and the perfect example of what every parent wants to see and a mentor to others. ”