Tavonna Miller / Press

"Vacillating between lounge jazz and R&B, Miller has a distinct pulse on how to write a song and even better yet how to convey emotion and conviction without sounding phony."

"Her haunting voice and apt piano playing, brought in people off the street to sit and listen to her sounds, getting people to tap their feet, clap their hands and want to join in on the community of music."

Tiffany Probasco - The Fab Empire

"Tavonna Miller has that “voice” that NBC’s been looking for, which only leaves the question of what team she'd want to be on (Hint: It rhymes with Tee Lo Breen.) [sic]"

"Tavonna Miller is a surging talent on the rise and it won’t be long before she’s selling out venues like the House of Blues and The Orpheum. "

"Her songs appeal to audience members because of her unique blend of gospel and soul chord progressions, grooves, and melodies, which she has taken and put her “stank” on it. She feels this combination in her songwriting and music gives Boston audiences something different that makes her remarkable and memorable."

"Tavonna Miller has a pleasant voice and singing style that penetrates comfortably into your ears.. . We enjoy her songwriting abilities and the way she composes songs with guitar, piano, voice and chorus. She has worked with Gospel, Christian, R&B, Jazz, and soul artist, while integrating her classical vocabulary onto her work."

“About EP, 4 SONGS I WISH I WROTE & ONE I ACTUALL DID "Soul and R&B are the dominant flavors on this EP of (mostly) cover tunes by Tavonna Miller. The Berklee grad gives the songs a soulful melismatic workout, especially on her gospel tinged version of Jill Scott’s “My Petition.” Tavonna’s original, “Me and My Baby,” features only her voice and a piano, providing ample space for her voice to breathe and explore; the EP might focus on what she wishes she wrote, but the last track shows a unique writing voice shining from behind its influences." ”