Adam Hammer / Press

“Both artists (Adam Hammer and Dave Cofell) had an exceptional rapport with the crowd, but one of the things that stood out most was Hammer’s impressive abilities on electric guitar.”

“Adam Hammer's sound is an eclectic mix of bluegrass, rock and blues. (His) sound can be likened to Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen and early-era Black Keys."”

Conrad Magalis - University Chronicle

"I have to say I was extremely impressed with the entire 'Broken Like You' album by Adam Hammer. It reminded me of many of my favorite bands & artists like The Jayhawks, The Tragically Hip, Tripping Daisy, & Johnny Cash, it was (is) great road tripping music! If you don't have a copy I suggest you get one!"

Doug Trana - Fan

"Hammer just keeps getting better ... It’s hard not to like the title track ('Let It Burn'), which leads off the EP, but the song I’m digging the most is 'Death of Me.'"

"Hammer’s guitar tells stories as ably as his vocals and leaves a wonderful afterglow."

"In listening to 'Let It Burn,' it's not hard to hear and feel that Adam is part of that small few who find music as an extension of part of himself that he is willing to share with those who listen."

“These two (Adam Hammer and Dave Cofell) are the cornerstones of the Local Blend scene. I honestly don't know what I would do without these two who have faithfully run the open mic, and created a vibe that carries over to ALL our performances on our little stage...”

"...The opening 'Starshine' grabs the listener with a catchy piano and guitar hook. 'Underwater Love Song' is cool and almost haunting in its delivery. 'The Drive' might just be the best tune here, as it starts with the sound of a needle landing on a record and moves into a cool blues sound highlighted by Dave Cofell’s harmonica...."

"Incredible guitar playing almost gets buried by his insightful lyrics. A real tattooed treasure."

"...Hammer has succeeded in surrounding his poetry with a quiet, lush, acoustic vibe that draws you in..."

"Ultimately what sells Adam is his honesty and openness about his life..."