Tati Rabell / Press

"US frontwoman delivers a powerfully euphoric electro-pop release with hints of Grimes"

"Her latest song, 'Flotando,' recorded and arranged in Cusco, Peru, is absolute fire."

“'Never Good Enough' by Tati Rabell is Selected as Top 5 Winner for the Great American Song Contest ... over 2000 competitors world-wide for this year's Acoustic/Folk category...”

"Tisano's Official Artist of the Month.... Tati Rabell is like a cup of chocolate tea - she's unique and delicious her engaging melodies and creative insightful lyrics linger not just on the mind but in the heart."

“Dirty Rooster chooses 'Never Good Enough' as one of its Top Ten Tunes of the month..”

“Hey! Thx soo much :) I just got this.. "Tati Rabell.. Artist of the Month.. http://www.beenonline.com/?page_id=1304 in the Netherlands" Spread the word! If I get enough interested parties, I'd love to come play a gig there! :) Love Tati”

“Best Original Song Competition (director Matt Malley, Oscar®, Grammy® and Golden Globe nominated songwriter) Chooses 'Close' to compete for Best Song..”

"..keep an eye out for this treasure of a record!"

"Complete with engaging melodies and creative insightful lyrics, Tati Rabell's debut EP "TMI" has a deceptive simplicity with thoughtful lyrics underlying the light nature of her music and introduces today's music world a bright new voice with bold words and melodies that linger."