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"Very natural and uplifting music, this song could be used in the credits of a movie to add an uplifting vibe to it. I really enjoyed this. I hope to see more music up to the quality of this track in the near future! Well done." - Anonymous Crowd Review, "I Kinda Liked You."

Reverb Nation - Reverb Nation Crowd Review

"I love the female vocalist who embeds a rap in her melody .. the song has a captivating talk vocal with cool singing .. the song crosses lots of musical formats such as rock, country, rap and psychedelia .. this song has a lot of sex appeal .. I luv the lyrics "in his aura" ... the chorus about the fantasy is super cool .. I think this song is well written and could be featured in a major film .. it's kind of punk and new wave like a B-52s song .. it has a hot dance groove .. I think this song could be a big alternative hit .. it's instantly likeable.” (Re: Swashbuckling Man)

Anonymous - Reverb Nation Crowd Review