Tatiana Moroz / Press

"Ms. Moroz is a huge crusader in the Liberty movement and recently released her third album entitled Love and Liberty that is filled with the Liberty message."

"You should be delighted by Tatiana’s version of Bob Dylan’s song “Masters of War”, or simply watch her message on youtube, which is named: Make a Youtube Video.

“Tatiana is full of lofty ambitions, and she has the talent to take her where she aspires to go.”

“Though some men in the bars and coffee houses she plays will be intimidated by her looks she is the type of vivacious woman a guy will buy a drink for and feel like he got his money's worth just for the conversation.”

"A polished songwriter with eyes as blue as her soulfulness, Tatiana Moroz never fails to impress when she hits the stage with her guitar. She is sassy, sexy, empowered, and composes melodies that will stick to you like glue. Tatiana's self titled album is a must for any fan of Bonnie Raitt or Carol King."

Christina LaRocca - LRock the Party Booking NYC

"An anthemic track like 'Release In You' cultivates a more positive vibe as does a catchier tune like 'Evolution' but the sleeper track of the CD is 'Won't Let Me Down' with its bluesy tone of dreamy defiance. It is without a doubt the best song on the album clearly suited to the whimsical vocal style Ms.Moroz utilizes and is a lyrical narrative that has immense crossover appeal."

"There are moments captured here which evoke the respective musical odysseys of Jewel, Lisa Loeb, Tracy Chapman, Rickie Lee Jones, Melanie Safka...The list can go on."