taskrok / Press

“Behind the microphone, he tends to transform into one sharp-tongued vicious emcee.”

“Nothing like a good old stomach punch to “find your lunch”. Salt Lake City stand out MC PIG PEN, along with Task Rok, keeps it buzzing”

“TaskRok causally lays down the rules for reviewing his rhymes, "say anything I don't like and I'll fn strangle your fn throat." And so, out of want for self-preservation, this review will weight heavily in Task and Dubby Waters favor.”

“Working with such a skilled and clever emcee like Taskrok has been very rewarding. When I send him a beat I never worry because I know the final product will be quality.”

“2009 saw the official release with Taskrok (Urban Life of the Suburbanites) which was received to acclaim, pairing Linus’ dusty beats with Task’s perceptive and clever rhymes that transport the listener from the beginning to the end easily.”

“Task Rok flows so effortlessly you almost forget that you’re listening to a song. Hearing him is like listening to someone recite poetry, every word is tangible and true.”

“Having been writing rhymes on and off for the past twelve years or so, Task....”