Tasche / Press

“Truly one of the most exciting new discoveries we’ve found in a long time! Meet smooth, soulful singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer Tasche! The accomplished East Bay recording artist delivers an exciting collection of originals on his newest release, his second album to date, A LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR featuring melodic, pop-infused grooves with integrity and a sense of truthfulness that is guaranteed to move your body and soul. Creating a genre all of his own, He blends the feel-good vibe of today’s contemporary music with intelligent lyrics and the sensibilities of jazz. Beyond sexy, the seductive and charismatic artist writes and produces hits, not songs. “The Love of My Life,” “You Never Know,” and “Because of Your Love” have huge pop radio crossover potential, while fans of Stevie Wonder and E,W&F will enjoy the depth of tracks like “All I Am Is You,” and “Nothing I Can Say.” A LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR is fresh and fun, shattering the staleness of mu”

“Thomas "Tasche" Cryer II is a musician, singer, arranger and producer. From the Soul is exactly what the title suggests. He creates a wide range of R&B rhythms from club to funk and even a bit of fusion behind an abundance of vocal harmonization. The mood is upbeat and the fresh groove persists start to finish. We like this feel of it. Tasche zeros in on the adult contemporary, clean urban audience. Highlights are "You Should Have Called", "Can't Keep Breaking My Heart" and "Once in A Lifetime".”

“Tasche is the Truth and will have longevity in the music industry. He is an amazing artist, vocalist and musician!”