TAREK / Press

"The New Century has amazing roaring punk rock songs with a catchy beat. ...His voice gonna wreak havoc on radio and in people’s heart."

"It's hard finding fault in The New Century... if the industry doesn’t take notice of his budding potential, then we’re all f!@#$d." 8.5/10

"All in all, this is a great album... You need to get it and it needs to live happily on your iPod." 4/5 stars

"Tarek is one of the best new up-and-coming artists... I can guarantee Tarek is soon going to become a household name." 9/10

"Take Tarek Kasmi as an example: he uses more than three chords in his songs, but has much of the same insolent attitude that make punk rock stand aside from other genres. ...In all, The New Century is a good effort on Kasmi's part to incite a revolution." 4/5 stars

"...Tarek Kasmi is immediately engaging and entertaining. ...Every track of The New Century is worth your time, as is this artist in general."