Tara Priya / Press

“Shot through with a slightly sludgy, angular groove, a conjuration of urban alleyscapes and toe-tapping nocturnal glamour, the fluid funk-flavoured production a soulful current on which Priya's voice – sultry, elastic, decidedly in the foreground – floats harmoniously.”

“Sultry and smooth, the brassy, lo-fi slink of Tara Priya’s ‘Not At All’ has a limbre, late night groove...taking the best elements of swaggering funk and lustful soul to create an infectious mix. The highlight, of course, is Priya’s husky vocal burn, perfect for the track’s loose and lazy vibe.”

"[Tara Priya] has given a whole new meaning to soul with a mixture of 90’s hip-hop, produced beautifully...a fantastic blend of mellow modern soul twisted into the depths of hip-hop."

"Now there you go, I would argue that is as good as anything you're likely to hear on daytime radio anywhere in the country. That's Tara Priya and 'Friends Like These'."

"More than a melting pot of styles, it’s a warm gooey gorgeous ganache, effortlessly melding elements of jazz, soul and the irresistible head-nod grooves of ‘90’s hip-hop.Tara Priya has created a sound that’s classic, contemporary and totally original."

"'Friends Like These' is a delicate, echoing melange of falsetto vocals and looped piano riffs, driven by jazz-hip-hop fusion drums...compelling, atmospheric."

"Smoothly combin[ing] jazz, soul and '90s hip hop, Friends Like These is a soundtrack for laid back nights, cruising underneath a starry sky, with its head-bobbing production and infectious piano melody"

“San Franciscan Tara Priya has opted for the delights of East London to hone and perfect her already impressive blend of classic soul and trip hop”

"Tara Priya's jazz vocal suits the revved up retro setting of this frustrated track."

“Sitting somewhere between classic soul, trip hop and the slumped productions of J Dilla, 'One Foot Out' is a contagious, potent statement of intent.”

"‘One Foot Out’ opens with chiming Morricone style guitars before fusing neo soul and trip hop into a sophisticated musical cocktail. Of course, it’s the voice that really makes this track stand out..."

“Tara Priya’s “One Foot Out” is a dynamic melange of Portishead-y mood, Morricone-esque instrumentals and (most importantly) at its center a very very good modern soul song.”

“This lady has soul! Residing on the other side of the pond in LA, Tara Priya describes this track as ‘retro’ – which kind of explains its familiar sound – yet it still holds its own as regards to being unique.”

"Soul singer-songwriter Tara Priya a was a hit down at this year's SXSW--and with tunes as good as this, there's no wonder... we've not got it out of our heads."

“There are some voices you just need to hear..and the stunning Tara Priya is one of them.”