Tara Mills / Press

"Performers at this year's Crozet Music Festival (October 1 - 3) included: Casey Cavanagh Band, We Are Star Children, Horsehead, Skip Castro Band, William Walter and Co., Jamie Dyer and Jamal Millner, The Lost Souls, 6 Day Bender, Misty Strings, the Rock River Gypsies, the Gladstones, Nathan Moore, the Steel Wheels, Alligator, the Kerns, Red Satellites, ClearView, Jackass Flats, Willie D-E, the Judy Chops, Julius Hangman, Momentary Prophets, Eric Heinsohn Band, Mark Miller Band, Red Eye Seamus, Kathryn Caine, Peyton Tochterman, Honey Dewdrops, the Sometime Favorites, the Atkinsons, the Rogan Brothers, Second Draw, David Tewksbury, Poly-Tone Blues Band, Ric Olivarez Trio, the Dirty Truth, TJ Moss Band, Funk45, Rockhouse Railway, Righteous Friendz, Jeebus, Mariana Bell, Jacabone, Nick Pollock, Modern Tactics, Bobby Read and Secret Sauce, Gene and Gayla Mills, David Wax Museum, Martinez and Guthrie, Chez Roue, Sarah White, Ian Gilliam, and John D’Earth".

"Charlottesville’s Tara Mills is in town and she brought her awe-shucks inspiring voice with her. Mills’ original music is Blue Ridge mountain folk inspired by bluegrass and old country. Her guitar is emotion when emotion gets emotional. Her backing band is called Strings Attached, and trusts me; this is one time in your life where you want strings attached."

"On August 19, 2011, John Howard and Tara Mills stopped by the WNRN studio for an interview and played live to promote their performance at Fridays After Five".