Tara L Crowe / Press

"The beautiful Tara Crowe's voice acts as the feminine rose among the masculine thorns."

Tine Roycroft - Boston Pulse

“Crowe was discovered four years later performing at a bar in eastern Pennsylvania and was invited to join musical forces with Kibler and White. She adapted quickly to their extensive repertoire and infused her own brand of versatile vocals and contemporary flare into the mix. Crowe honed her writing skills with the group and penned her first song with the help of Kibler.”

Towanda Daily Local

"Tara Crowe started singing at age 3 and took every opportunity to perform in front of people, taking the stage for parades, talent shows, and karaoke contests. She earned a number of music scholarships upon her acceptance to Lycoming College and toured the eastern United States with her college tour choir."

Towanda Daily Local

"We view music as an amazing outlet and have discovered that it's all about how you choose to deal with what you're handed. We want to share the talent we were given, and give it back in a way that makes everyone believe in something- anything- better."

Jackie Szymanski - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

"I love Paramore, The Fray, One Republic and the Script. They're all relatable snd very talented acts with something to say."

Sound Check

"I absolutely tell in love with Lifehouse back in 2001 when they came to my college. The ambience, the passion Jason Wade expressed. Some of the best moments came as he sang a cappella to a very still and captivated audience. It was so moving, I could have cried."

Sound Check

"Can you describe your band in only colors and emotions?: I'm definitely purple. Loyal, comforting, inspired, a dreamer, peaceable"

Sound Check

"You'll enjoy us if you like 90's rock, contemporary stylings, believable and thought-provoking lyrics"

The Morning Call

"White and Kibler, who also spend time performing in the band Kinetic Blu, brought Crowe into the fold in 2009. White says the group is focused on writing new material and working on their upcoming demo.

Dustin Schoof - Exposed- The Express-Times