Tara Hendricks / Press

“It isn't hard to catch the influence of great soul singers like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Kahn in Tara's musical approach. Hendricks is known for singing the socks of her audiences at various shows across the city.”

"Boy, can that girl sing. Her band is tight, in-sync, and the perfect complement to Tara’s powerful voice. Her music is not something you want to miss. Her original work is engaging, exciting, and well-crafted. She’s a unique voice in the Philly music scene and can sing circles around just about anyone."

"... Aguilera-like pipes, but with [some] Teena Marie."

"She dances, and smiles wildly, and belts out notes with a fury that would make Celine Dion blush...the whole stage is a whirlwind of positive energy."