Tæpes Tree / Press

“I LOVE this (Stream Gradient). Very Manes and Deftone-esque right here”

“Inspired by dust...Splendid. such a nice feel rolling with musical greatness. I like the electronica & beats. Cool tempo changes. Cheers to you.”

“Fresh, inspiring! Stream Gradient made me think of the Cocteau Twins. Burned in brought to mind Yes. Forest Level reminded me of Brian Eno’s ‘Another Green World’ (shared it on Facebook).”

“Like your style Joel. Like all of your tracks. I got stuck on Torque Daemon Transformation. You sound so much like Lincoln Park in that one I had to go stick my head in a bowl of ice water to cool off my ears. Superb my friend! You really do bring the imagination to the forefront of thought. Thank you for allowing me to listen. Take care and keep in touch. Cheers!”

"From Hesiod also, the people of the Golden Age were transformed into daimones by the will of Zeus, to benevolently serve mortals as their guardian spirits; “good beings who dispense riches…[nevertheless], they remain invisible, known only by their acts”.[4] The daimon of venerated heroes, were localized by the construction of shrines, so as not to restlessly wander, and were believed to confer protection and good fortune on those offering their respects."