Tanya Brody / Press

“Original and traditional songs in a style resembling that of Loreena McKennitt. Her arrangements and her original compositions are both inspired and fun to listen to. Brody is a gifted writer, singer and harper.”

“Tanya Brody is a singer and harpist -- the sensibilities of Loreena McKennit also float around occasionally -- and has a voice that is operatic in tone, with exquisite clarity and breath control. A strange beguiling charm that begs one to continue listening.”

"As a music host, I always endevor to play the best music I can find for my listeners. I have played your music in the past and intend to play it in the future, and as a music host, no higher praise can be given. "

“hauntingly beautiful, and very refreshing. Takes you back to a long forgotten time and place that still seems somehow familiar.”

“like early Clancy Brothers, hale and hardy."”