Tansu Tumer / Press

“Creating a unique sound via his mastery of the electric bass, Tumer takes World Music to new heights. Throughout the album Eastern rhythms are mixed with Western harmonies and vise-versa creating an alluring fusion of sounds. There is a certain beauty to Tumer’s music that is hard to describe, but is definitely felt on each of the albums 8 tracks. A truly innovative album that begs to be listened to with a critical ear, Tumer has created an album that truly showcases his unique virtuosity. 9/10”

“I think that Tansu has a huge potential and is very talented. On some of the cuts he might be trying a little too hard, which I understand on a debut release but if he just lets the music flow and his talent shine, he should go far! Check this CD out!”

“A dazzling tapping display”

“Bass Player of the Month”