Tannahill Weavers / Press

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show which for a sassenach audience is a tribute to a true Scottish Band. Thanks for a memorable evening - keep up the good work.”

John Reedman - Chesterfield Folk Club

“Now, I know that many of the younger generation of ‘folk’ musicians would be pretenders to the crown but when watching a master-class in the art of how to introduce a song/tune you could do no better than observe Mr Gullane in full flow. With a glint in his eye and a sincerity that could see him become Prime Minister we discover that the band were due to provide the soundtrack for a Scottish version of the film “Silence Of The Lambs” titled “Shut Up Ewes”…now how’s that for a punch-line? All too soon it was the end of the evening and with an inspired set of tunes lead by the glorious pipe tune “Pipe Major George Allan” and an unusual setting of “Auld Lang Syne” the audience left the club disappointed that it had all come to end but with a huge smile on each of their faces! www.tannahillweavers.com”

Pete Fyfe - Willows Folk Club, Arundel 07.04.10

“…as close to perfect as it gets in an imperfect world...there is no Celtic group which can match the enigmatic Tannahill Weavers for pure excitement.”

R. Weir - Sing Out

“…world class musicians with passion and a healthy sense of fun, keeping alive and making accessible the very heart of the tradition itself.”


“the Tannahill Weavers make Scotland out to be a country to desire, one with a utilitarian appreciation of the old, an acceptance of the new and a quick and playful wit.”

Ithica Journal

“These guys are a bunch of heroes every time they go on tour in the States”

Garrison Keillor - Prairie Home Companion