Tanja Maritsa / Press

“'Joni Mitchell, Dory Previn and Madeleine Peyroux fans will really love her! ' Blues and Soul Magazine”

“Fragile is a delightful album from start to finish, Tanja's warm heartfelt vocals never fail to impress, whilst the blend of influences and genres leaves the listener with a sweet taste and insatiable thirst to hear more.”

“An album so full of style, panache and je ne sa qua that even Mr Lacroix would whole heartedly approve - and for want of better terminology in this instant, an absolutely beautifully delivered piece of genre crossing quality. - Review of Fragile”

“'There’s craftsman kind of work in putting something like this together. And then there’s master craftsman quality, painstakingly assembled by hand, and that’s where this one resides. Very highly recommended.' Review of album Fragile”

“If we hear an album more beautiful than this in 2010 we’ll be well and truly shocked. - Review of Fragile”

“a very talented songwriter..an air of Blossom Dearie”

Steve Duffy - BBC Scotland Jazz House

“Simcock’s typically sensitive arrangement and accompaniment helps to bring out the beauty of Maritsa’s melody, the fragility of her voice and the poetic delicacy of her words.”

“'She sounds understated and stunning'”

“has a gently confident voice that evokes both Edith Piaf and Blossom Dearie – the single is smooth, quirky and endearing.”

“Live For Today hails from the 1940s, and is the kind of music that soldiers and their sweethearts fell in love to before war and death blew them apart............ a guilty, but definite pleasure.”

Chris Gillever - CityLifers - Review of Live For Today

“'a very beautiful voice and wonderful songs. she is really worldclass.'”

Darling Magazine

“Set against the laconic tinkling of the piano,Tanja Maritsa's voice has a purity and vulnerability which draws you into the emotion and meaning of her songs" ”

Anver Anderson DJ - Saint FM

“'A timeless emotive voice'”

Time Out

“”A voice which deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the greats, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald” -”

Gareth Foreman - Music Journalist - The Guardian