Tango Down / Press

""Damage Control" the band take it a step forward with a crunchier production, louder guitars and big in-your-face vocal lines. Everything here sounds like it has been released back in the early 90's. With the opener track "Empty Hole" the band gives you a perfect example of what's coming up next! It's a hard hittin rocker with a huge riffing and a catchy chorus line. "I Can't Wait" is an anthemic, radio-friendly, track with the spirit of Firehouse alive n' kickin'. A cool track! "I'm Done Lovin' You" is the highlight here. It has a rhythm that will make you shake and the chorus it's pure melodic bliss. Perfect, just perfect!"

"This is an awesome release! Ass-kickin' hard rock played with heart and soul and with an 80's feeling. Yes, TANGO DOWN with their second effort unleash some 80's melodic hard rock stuff in the vain of Winger, Skid Row, Firehouse and Lynch Mob. "

"This is a solid collection of hard hitting tracks and, if you love that 1980's rock and metal scene, this is definitely worth checking out. Good stuff.!"

n/a - Rock Realms

"Tango Down hasn’t let any of their fans down on Damage Control... it’s time for you to get damaged, in a controlled way, of course …"

"“I’m Done Lovin’ You” is one of those perfect Hard Rock songs, a track that should be spun on any Rock station around the nation. Knowing that won’t happen because radio is dead and convulsing, it’s unfortunate thousands may not have the opportunity to hear how stellar this Ratt and Firehouse-like anthem truly is."