T & C Miller / Press

“This is one marriage made in country music heaven, because T & C Miller's album "By Request" and their previous project "Drinkin' Songs" showcase the very best of this genre. T-Roy and Candace deserve praise for producing original campfire music at a level that is almost unmatched these days.”

"Hands down, T-Roy Miller, who was making his second appearance at the Supper Club, stole the show with his guitar playing–smooth and velvety and dripping with texture, thanks to a background that includes some classical guitar work and plenty of Chet Atkins flavor."

“T-Roy and Candace embrace what I so cherish about our Texas music scene. The camaraderie, the real stories, the humor, the singing, the guitars ringing out at all hours of the day and night, the simplicity and also…the depth. These two are some of my favorites.”

“T-Roy Miller is one of my favorite musicians. He’s smart and sensitive and enormously talented. He knows when to lay back and when to kick ass…He’s a well-rounded, world class musician.”

“Candace has a strong voice that ranges from pure, clear country, to 'twang', to gravelly, growling blues…Can I buy some stock now, Candace?”

“One can hear the combined influences of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Guy Clark interlacing their way through Candace's words and melodies…Candace's songwriting is pure Texana.”