Stop Sign Tandy aka Mr. Guerrilla Grind / Press

“I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a listening session for review of Tan-D’s “Tax Free 2″ mixtape. Out of the mixtape, there are some tracks that really stuck out to me. Check out some tracks reviews below. $$tack$ In My Jean$ – This track is more like your “Racks on Racks” joint from summer of 2011. The Hook is Infectious and most definetely has a club lean-to it and best of all, it doesn’t sound over produced with too many layers of beats and soundz. One wish? It could stand to be longer than its current 2:05 second length, but long enough to get the spades party started! Bendin Cornaz – This track took me back to 1996-97! It was an immediate head bouncer. The west coast swing went harder than hard and the hook was a total dedication to the late Nate Dogg. Big-Ups to the Production team on this mixtape, “Tax Free 2″! It’s consistent, Infectious, and definetely something to add to your cd disc changer. My rating of this mixtape: 4 1/2 out of 5 st”

“Raptalk.Net hooked up with one of Kentucky's finest up and coming stars. With such a small town, you will be amazed to read the interesting story that is Tan-D. With 20 years prison time on the line and all the evidence needed stacked against him, it is a miracle that Tan-D is a free man. Read all about his crime and upbringing, including brutally running the streets all the way to a failed football scholarship. That is where music eventually comes in, our beloved art form that you can say has saved the life and secured a better life for Tan-D ”