“Tanadra receive an honorable mention by Grammy Nominee Arun Shenoy on The Grammy Awards website. The 56th Annual Grammy Awards.”

"We had the honor of booking Tanadra at Cousin Larry's in October for our 4 year anniversary and we still get people asking when she may come back to the area again. Infectious song writing, wide ranging musical influence, and the fact that the entire band wears their musical hearts on their sleeves, makes it seem obvious why the fans of OFNR, are fans of Tanadra."

“TANADRA 'Danny' #2 Overall and #1 Indie Song on Spiderweb Radio”

“ Winner in the Ourstage June 2010 Hard Rock Video Contest”

“Featured Artist - "Tanadra shows you the power behind her personality"”

"Sensational female rocker Tanadra"

"HitPick - If Tanadra is not going to break through, then I do not know who will."

"Her [Tanadra's] vocals are reminiscent of a young Tina Turner"

“Featured Artist of the Week! Fresh Sound with a Classic Twist and a Big Voice!”

“A powerful force is coming out of New Jersey. One that shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, overlooking this dominate, amazing woman would do artists, record labels, and the music industry at large a huge injustice. ”

"Out of New York! The hottest thing in Rock!

"The people of Teesdale have been writing in and telling us here at 105.5 FM and 102.1 FM that they love TANADRA!"

““Refreshing and pure rock with deeply passionate vocals backed by a hard hitting rhythm section and crunchy guitar work. Outstanding” -Rob Ritter”

"She is the best Rock and Roll to come out of New York since KISS."-DJ Diamond Sam LaValerie