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“The Council Wedding Band (great title!) is the debut EP from Edinburgh based rockers Tam’s Railways (also a great name!). Quite who Tam is and where his train tracks are to be located is a mystery, but one thing that cannot be questioned is the quality of this band, which shines throughout this cracking 5 track EP. Read the whole review @ Aberdeen Student Radio Blog”

“Nine months ago, edRock.net wrote about Tam’s railways official return to the stage as a three-piece, with all new tunes and a tight look. The audience and the band had a very special time together that hot, passionate night. In a way, their debut release The Council Wedding Band was conceived that evening, as now, nine months and one day later, the seeds they planted have grown into a well-developed little body of work with five healthy, pink tracks. The EP opens with the softly delivered, new wave mid-tempo Let’s Go To Town, which sounds like it’s been recorded by a band in their 40s, and this mildness is a little at odds with the theme of revolution. In spite of this, the track actually sets the tone well for a developed and considered grouping of tunes, it's just surprising for a band who can rock out onstage like CBGB punks. ...FOR THE REST OF THIS REVIEW PLEASE VISIT http://edrocknet.blogspot.com/2011/09/nine-months-ago-edrock.html”

“The music scene in Edinburgh is in better shape than it ever has been. I’d really recommend Tam’s Railways – they’re a bunch of Leithers with a wicked sense of humour, and a bit like us their sound is a bit eclectic – they don’t necessarily fit into one niche.”

“Although Tam’s Railways have played several shows since they lost their lead guitarist, Bainbridge’s 'Your New Favourite Band' marked their official relaunch as a three-piece, with new songs and reworkings of old songs to accommodate the power trio line-up - Read the whole review at Edrocknet.”

“The honour of first band to play on the newly refitted Liquid Room stage is awarded to Tam’s Railways. As the cheeky Leith-based scamps batter through a set of upbeat rock, their sense of humour is evident in both their lyrics and mannerisms. Lanky bassist Gordo shows off some well thought-out counter melodies on the bass, which plug the hole left by their recently departed lead guitarist. Drummer Innes adds shade and intensity to the playful guitar parts, and lead singer Leigh’s broad Scots accent keeps the songs sounding urban and modern.”

“The night kicks off with the riff-based storytelling ‘crook rock’ of Tam’s Railways, a Leith-based band who are creating a stir on the live scene with their genre-hopping sound and electric live presence.”

“Leith’s Tam’s Railways manged to kick off the night with an energetic set of feel-good indie. After losing their lead guitarist they managed to draft in Fraser “Yuill” Scott who brought the sounds of the Mississippi Delta to proceedings with his trusty harmonica.”

"good shit lads. Remember us little people when you're passing out in a pool of you're own vomit beside a swimming pool in the hills with Britney Spears poking at you asking you to buy her baby before she nods out..."