Tammie Jones / Press

“The tender balladry of Picture This is bittersweet. It has nice instrumental work and cool chords. The snappin gait of the country-rocker Heartbreak has what-for lyrics. Jones isn't afraid to lay it on the line in her song poems. Her recording offers a good cross-section of the country-folk flavor.”

Lively Times

“Wow, what a moving project! Very very good job. I am very impressed. Great slideshow and an amazing song sung by a real first rate talent! Thanks Tammie! DanielRobertsGuitars”

“Jim Dyck and Richard Franklin: Tammie 'Find Home' is sung with passion, thanks for recording it . Looking forward to hearing more from you.”


“ Thunderridge Bluegrass Band Reborn: every time i visit,gets better and better,keep up the excellent work”


“I let all of the songs play through several times, Tammie. Very very nice work here~! Your beautiful tremolo voice, like Joan Baez and Dolly Parton before you, works really well in this genre. Good songs, too~! Well done...thanks for sharing~!”

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