TameTheFish / Press

“Can't come up with enough superlatives. It's a wonder to me why you don't have a recording contract. Period!”

Brian Haley - RN

“Got goose bumps. Absolutely fantastic music.”


“I can tell in the first few bars whether or not I'm staying with an artist or not. I confess now to listening to all of your tunes, and loving all of them (a truly rare thing for me) - such unique compositions, arrangements, and vocals. You have a genuine gift my friend.....”


“Love your sound. Very original and dig the clean sound and the harmony vocals are awesome. Well done!”


“Wow, why aren't you signed? I hear so many influences, Dave Matthews, Bon Iver, totally dig the sound, writing, performance, sick!”


“Refreshing and Unique with a message...”


“Leukemia is a song of great beauty and depth. Gorgeous!”


“This stuff is BLOWING ME AWAY. ”

Reverb Nation

“....It's like Peter Gabriel went to India where he learned how to surf... ”

Reverb Nation

“Really nice songs. Classy and classic...really good.”

Glen Brady

“Great Songs and Vocals”

DJ Wool

“I really hope this music gets out there, really out there.. ”

Reverb Nation

“Slick production, great vocals, damn fine songs and all the playing is tasty. ”

Bill Shore - Reverb Nation

"I love OVER THE FALLS... Cool voice... I am now a fan!"

Dorie Pride - Reverb Nation