Tamara Champlin / Press

“Tamara, you have wicked good vocals. What great quality and expression in your delivery. One of the best voices I have heard on Revernation. You can turn a lyric like no one I have heard. Great.. Powerful. Love it. Crawl Rocks!”

"Crawl" powerful song, love the horn hits and gritty guitar, awesome vocals, kudos

"Bad Love" is a great rock/blues tune and is just what the music business needs .... something creative to latch on to

“Fantastic Voice and Delivery of Songs! One of the Best on Reverbnation”

“Playing "Bad Love Looks Good on You"...Damn Tamara, Your Performance is So Sultry...A Real Stunner. Talent for Days. ”

“Back for a Sunday listen to an incredible artist..."Tamara Champlin" ”

“Tamara your music exudes Passion and Soul..."Rock and Roll Tragedy" so Sunset Strip! ”

“These are some of the best written songs I've heard in a long time. In terms of performance, armed w/ an array of excellent musicians,Tamara Champlin's unique and soulful vocal instantly grabs you - and does it ever hold on! Some artists have STAR written all over their personna - Tamara Champlin is Definitely One of those lucky few! (http://www.reverbnation.com/rickfrost) ”

"Bad Love (Looks Good On You)" is such a great song and a stellar performance too. Such a set list! I really enjoyed "Louisiana Wind"

“Beautiful Heart and Soul in all of your Outstanding Songs Tamara ”

“Playing "Bad Love Looks Good on You". Fine work Tamara...you got me from the first note..then your Smoky Vocals...Awesome ”

“Rockin' my Sunday with You. Tamara. I'm gonna close your playlist with "Louisiana Wind" - so nice! ”

"Bad Love" - Rocks!!!!!! You Rock Tamara!!! Wow! I am feeling electric after hearing that!

"Heart of Stone" Rocks- and your voice is awesome!

“This lady is packed with talent. Her tracks are simply superb”

“It was a rare night at Cafe316 in Downtown Monterey. The coffee house was filled to the rafters with patrons who flooded in to see Tamara, Bill and Will Champlin perform publicly as a trio for the very first time. It was magical, sensational. Everyone in t...he house fell in love with Tamara not only for her beautifully nuanced delivery, but also for her honesty and humility. I feel honored to have been able to produce and direct the live recording of the show. The Champlins are special people. I hope our paths cross again. ”

“Great music and nice big vocals to the liking of Raitt, Joplin, etc. Great mix of grooving rocking blues!! great work!! Keep it Rockin!! (http://www.reverbnation.com/standvolume) ”

"Backstreets of Paradise" Features Tamara Champlin's Smoking Vocals and a Scorching Guitar. Rock Lines & R & B Quality Vocals; It Does Not Get Better." Dennis McNally

“Tamara Champlin is a power-house of vocal intensity. Her amazing versatility and talent has rendered every song on this list a literal musical gem! Absolutely one of my favorite artist/performers! Rock on Tamara! (http://www.reverbnation.com/rickfrost)”

“Such Excellence leaves me Awestruck....Thanks! (http://www.reverbnation.com/rickhall)”

“It doesn't matter where you hit play on Her (Tamara's) Playlist - there's a Great Song there. "Louisiana Wind" - Soooo nice! (http://www.reverbnation.com/waynewestervelt) ”

“Love your song "Rock & Roll Tragedy." What a great, raw, bluesy voice you have! You are amazing!.-Starr Michelle (http://www.reverbnation.com/sparklingstarr)”

“‎"Rock and Roll Tragedy" written by Tamara Champlin & Kevin Dukes...Tamara Champlin (vocals), Kevin Dukes(guitar), Terry Wilson(bass),Ron Wikso(drums), on keys are Scott Plunkett and this song also features the talents of the late Nicky Hopkins, the ultimate unsung session hero. His piano & organ can be heard on hit songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who. A sweet guy that made this all the more special. ”

"Louisiana Wind" is a great showcase for your versatile voice. Love the backing band with the organ too. Gorgeous singing, song and arrangement. - Ewan (http://www.reverbnation.com/infelltraitors)

“.....its true, do we really do this type of thing, truth never lies. lies never is the truth , tripping Tune Tamara, groovin vibe your got happening with a good rockin sweetness with a cool funky feel added to station (on "Lie Te Myself"....currently spinning on IAC Music)”

“The scene was at Cafe316. The house was packed. We had just finished sound checks and camera synching. Mac McDonald, entertainment writer for the Monterey Herald had just introduced the Champlins when Tamara opened up the night with this song - "Jimmy Jimmy." Love it. ”

"Stone Cold" is on fire!!! Amazing Passion and Power in your voice along with excellent musicianship and sound!!! (http://www.reverbnation.com/johnrevitte)

“Tamara Champlin with Michael Caruso & Dennis Matkosky wrote the Top 40 Country Hit "What's on My Mind" recorded by Bekka Bramlett from her current CD "I Got News for You" ”

“BIG voice...Sister...you have a powerful instrument...and a lot of soul. (http://www.reverbnation.com/daveyounger) ”

“Playing "Rock n Roll Tragedy". A kicking song if there ever was one. You rock. Great voice, great song...Gives me shivers. (http://www.reverbnation.com/joenycguitarist) ”

“Beautiful passion in your voice and amazing musical Sound Colors on "Talking To Angels" (http://www.reverbnation.com/johnrevitte) ”

“Night Views returns this week at a new time with Singer, Song-Writer and Recording Artist Tamara Champlin. Before marrying music legend Bill Champlin (formerly of Rock Band Chicago), Tamara was a singer in Houston who was evolving into a session musician. Tamara has written with/for such as artist as Elton John, Andreas Carlson, Douglas Carr, her son, Will Champlin, her long-time writing partner, Michael Caruso. She has also done background vocals for many popular recording artists such as Richard Marx and Mister Mister. Tamara released her solo album "You Won't Get to Heaven Alive" in 1995. The title track reached the Top 20 charts in Spain and the track "Tragic Black" reached #1 in Germany. Tamara recently toured with husband Bill in Norway and Sweden. She is currently touring the west coast with the legendary California based band "Sons of Champlin" along with frontman and husband Bill Champlin and her son Will.”

“In May, 1988 Tamara Champlin was part of the celebration of 40 years of Atlantic Records. ”